About Us

We are Freddie Fox Intentional, the best-handcrafted luxury clothiers in London producing only premium quality high-end clothing. At Freddie Fox, we create only the best and will not settle for any less. We are currently aspiring to reach new customers. For years we have developed a range of styles and looking ensuring that our customers receive the clothing products that they are looking for. Our mantra at Freddie Fox International is that if you are not satisfied then we are not satisfied.

At Freddie Fox, we make all of our clothing products in our workrooms based in Leeds and distribute themto London and New York, hosting a broad range of specialities. These include luxury British clothing, corporate wear, golf wear, custom clothing and make-to-wear clothing.

We provide only the best custom clothing, ensuring that you obtain the perfect fit when purchasing from us. At Freddie Fox, we will place you in the hands of our professional team of tailors who have years of experience and will provide you with the perfect fitting. We may also stitch your custom clothing to your exact measures.

At Freddie Fox, we also provide a smart and professional corporate wear range ensuring that you receive the formal look that you require for any business environment. We provide attire for weddings, professional suits and office wear hosting a range of unique and formal styles.

Lastly, here at Freddie Fox we have a strong partnership with Brook Taverner. Brook Taverner is a prominent tailoring brand which has been in operation for over 100 years. Brook Taverner shares our drive and aspiration within our industry and produces some of the best tailorings in Europe. We are proud to be working with Brook Taverner and are excited for a future creating the best quality clothing products available.