Bespoke Tailoring Worth it?

Now, you may think we’re biased as we create some of the most luxurious, custom clothing in London. However, we understand that people often wonder if it’s really worth it especially given all the strides made in the made-to-measure sector of the menswear industry. This blog post is dedicated to showing the benefits of truly bespoke tailoring.

Suits have been made in the bespoke traditions for hundreds of years. Every cut and stitch is a tapping into a unique and beautiful history. The craftsmanship truly is unparalleled too. It’s not just the cutting and the stitching but the recutting and the restitching and the repressing. Bespoke suits feel human because you can feel the human work that has created it. It is an artistic creation as well as a sartorial one.

Bespoke tailoring is ideal for those of us who are conscious about how our choices affect the environment. Thanks to how they’re constructed, bespoke suits last longer as they can be more easily repaired and tailored. They are made locally and often with more natural materials.

However, the fundamental benefit of bespoke is how it makes you feel. When you feel the way tailored trousers hang perfectly or experience the swell in your chest that comes from a jacket made for you, you really understand how different this is. That’s nothing to say of the way it flatters every inch of you and gives you the opportunity to express your own personal style through small touches.

Bespoke is a creative process, that’s open to collaboration. You and your tailor are working together to create something truly magnificent that can change and adapt to live just as you do.

If you’re looking for ability to build your own completely personal wardrobe from picking the cloth, the cut to the touches and ensuring your closet is as individual as you are, we’d argue that bespoke is most certainly worth it.

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