Finding your Uniform

We believe that fashion is something that you should experiment with. Though we are often told we are constrained to ordinary black suits at work or ripped jeans and a t shirt on weekends, is that really the case? It can feel intimidating and overwhelming to find what is right for you and how you wish to present yourself to the world. At Freddie The Fox, we understand that discovering your style is a process. This blog post aims to give you the tools to work through the trends and find what’s right for you.

There’s nothing wrong with going a little crazy to begin with. Pair some of your favourite pieces together. Maybe you want to try an authentic kimono style jacket with trainers or go to brunch in a flamboyant blazer and impeccable loafers. Don’t lose yourself in your search but make sure you allow yourself to have a little fun. Make sure the more “out there” pieces in your wardrobe fit you well, especially if you’re not used to making a statement. This will ensure you don’t feel too self conscious or spend your whole time monitoring your body so you can have fun.

On the other hand, if you want to take the plunge slowly, do what’s right for you. Try a bright pocket square in your ordinary suit or try working tailored shirts into your more casual wardrobe. No matter which why you want to experiment, stay true to yourself while still stepping out of your comfort zone.

Most men have a uniform but that doesn’t mean your style needs to be boring. Even if you don’t make any drastic changes after a little experimenting, there’s still so much room to explore your usual style. This can be with colour or even making sure your essentials are exceptionally quality or even tailored perfectly to your body. Work with Freddie the Fox to see how we can help you find a style that’s classic, elegant yet still completely and uniquely you.

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